“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

– Henry Miller



More than a Head-up Display

The Roav Dashtop is an independent computer that connects to your car and phone. It uses an innovative head-up display to put navigation, communication and trip analysis where you can see it without taking your eyes off the road. It also syncs with the Roav Smart Driving System, which can be expanded with cameras, sensors, and driver-friendly apps.

  • Dodge Traffic in Real Time Get step-by-step directions and detailed maps, updated the moment traffic conditions change, without taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel.
  • Convenience on call Make phone calls using your voice or with the glance-free controller.
  • Stay in Tune With Your Tunes Crank up your favorite streaming apps and let the music play.
  • Keep an Eye on What Matters Auto reply to SMS texts or save for later, the hands-free choice is yours.

More Key Features

  • roav traffic alert

    Traffic Alerts

  • roav voice control

    Voice Control

  • roav live-traffic

    Live-Traffic Reroute

  • roav speed limit

    Speed Limit Alerts

  • roav trip info

    Trip Stats

  • roav maps

    Onboard Maps

  • roav apps

    Mobile Companion App

  • roav car finder

    Car Finder

Innovation That Leads the Way

  • Your Wish is Our Command

    Say hello to your very own voice-activated personal assistant.

  • Expand Your Horizon

    Free your phone with an independent 4G LTE network connection.

  • Improve Your

    We've worked with some of your favorite apps to customize their performance. Roav store coming soon.

  • Experience a Smarter Way to Drive

    Drive better and smarter with the connected Smart Driving System from Roav.

  • Keep Your Focus
    The Roav Dashtop head-up display is designed to bounce images off a curved screen, so that they appear in front of your windshield on the road ahead.
  • Your Phone on the Road
    With an interface that connects to Android and Apple phones, it’s the best way to conveniently access your smartphone's notifications and features.
  • Evolve Your Car
    The Dashtop is just the beginning. New apps and accessories are on the horizon—like dashcams and ADAS sensors. Now, extending the functionality of your car and Dashtop is easier than you imagined.

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