The Roav DashCams help you capture the unexpected while you’re on the road. It records video continuously of the road ahead and uses Event-Detecting Technology to capture potential accidents and shareable moments.



Sony Exmor Enhanced high resolution WDR wide dynamic range
  • CRYSTAL-CLEAR VIDEOS Advanced CMOS sensor captures fine deatils, even at night.
  • PANORAMIC VIEW Simultaneously record 4 lanes of traffic. Engineered to provide expansive views ware optimized imaging technology give you a full view of the road, not only the car in front.
  • Wide Dynamic Range auto-adjusts for light conditions to deliver perfectly exposed Full HD 1080p footage.

More Key Features

  • roav traffic alert

    High Definition

  • roav voice control

    LCD Screen

  • roav live-traffic

    Wide Angle

  • roav speed limit

    Parking Monitor

  • roav trip info

    Built-in WiFi

  • roav maps

    Wide Dynamic Range

  • roav apps

    Loop Record

  • roav car finder

    Auto On/Off

  • Monitor the road ahead
  • Capture the unexpected and save your insurance
  • Capture the best scenery on the road