• Alexa-Enabled
    Voice isolation technology and a compact build allow you to bring Alexa into your car.
  • Charge 2x Faster
    Anker’s exclusive charging technology simultaneously charges 2 devices at full-speed.
  • Dedicated App
    Enjoy all of Alexa’s functions through your data network with the Roav VIVA app.

Alexa Reimagined for Your Car

Seamlessly integrate superior voice-control technologies and an ever-expanding library of 45,000+ Alexa skills
into any vehicle. Give your car cutting-edge intelligence and capability.
  • Play your favorite music
  • Order pizza from Domino’s
  • Voice control your home
  • Navigate your way to office
  • HD Sound Quality
  • Charge 2X Faster
  • Alexa-Activated GPS Navigation

    Just say where you want to go and Alexa will show you the way.
    * Safety is our top priority. Please keep your focus on the road while driving.
  • Supports Alexa Communication

    Calling, Messaging, Drop In, and Announcements — all hands-free.
  • Music Services
    Supported By Alexa

    Spotify feature will be added as soon as third party support is available. Updates will be posted here.

1/4 The Size of Echo Dot
Small Size, Stunning Functionality

Every aspect you love about Alexa is packed into a compact build
and optimized for in-car performance. 290 components enable
complete Alexa support, Bluetooth connectivity and
noise-reduction technologies. Roav VIVA ensures Alexa does
everything she does at home, on the road.
  • Roav VIVA
  • Echo Dot

Background Noise Reduction

Dual mics and advanced noise-cancellation technology ensure VIVA hears your every word.
  • Noise Reduction

    Filters out background noise to ensure VIVA hears you, not your car.

    Acoustic Echo Cancellation

    Discount any voice echo to ensure Alexa clearly understands your commands.

  • In-Car Voice Isolation

    VIVA hears your voice from every corner of your car, not the noise from the road.

±1 dB
High-Sensitivity MEMS Mics

Crafted with silicon-MEMS nanotechnology, to be smaller and more sensitive.
  • Accurate Sound Detection

    Dual microphones precisely oscillate to perfectly relay every sound in your car.

Simultaneous High-Speed Charging

2 PowerIQ equipped charging ports intelligently detect and deliver the optimum charge to any device.
  • Charge 2 iPhone 7 Plus in


    100% FULL

    Other 67%

  • Charge 2 iPad Minis in


    100% FULL

    Other 47%

-4° to 257°F
Industrial-Grade Temperature Resistance

VIVA performs flawlessly even in extreme temperatures. Enjoy Alexa in your car in virtually any climate, any time of the year.
11 built-in safety features provide reliable performance.
Polymer capacitors for greater stability.
Nickel-coating ensures high temperature resistance.

Alexa Skills and Counting

VIVA brings Alexa’s ever-expanding library of skills to your car. Just say the word and Alexa delivers, while you keep your eyes on the road.
  • 8 AM

    Get your news brief

  • 9 AM

    Join the conference call

  • 5 PM

    Navigate around rush hour traffic

  • 6 PM

    Order food delivery

  • 7 PM

    Open your garage door and turn on the lights at home


Download the Roav VIVA App for iOS and Android

The free iOS and Android apps give you full-access to Alexa’s voice control technology on Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Hit The Road With Alexa

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