Dashcam Device Update Guide (Android)

For the best experience with your Dashcam, please upgrade the system to the newest version. You may follow the steps below to upgrade the system:


1. Make sure the DashCam is always connected to the external power supply, such as external battery or wall charger.

2. Turn on the Dashcam’s wifi and connect your phone with the DashCam’s wifi to check if there is a system upgrade.

3. Cut the connection between the phone and the Dashcam, then turn on the phone’s 2G/3G network or connect to other wifi network to make sure it can access the Internet.

4. Open the Roav app, then go to “Settings”, and click “Device Update”.

5. On "Device Update" page, Roav app will automatically detect any system update.

  • It will show “No update available” if no update is detected.

  • It will show “Update available” when there is any updates.

6. Click “Download to Phone”

7. Once the download is finished, it will show “Upload to DashCam”. Notice: If the phone and the Dashcam is not connected, the “Upload to Dashcam” remains gray and it cannot be clicked.

8. Turn off your phone’s mobile network and connect your phone with Dashcam’s wifi again and go to “Device Update”. The button of “Upload to DashCam” will remain orange and you can click it to finish the upgrade.

9. Click “OK” to start the upgrade. It may take 1 minutes, so please wait patiently.  Kind reminders:
  • Please do not log out the Roav APP and make sure your phone is still connected with the DashCam.

  • Make sure the DashCam is always connected to the external power supply.

  • Your DashCam will be black screen and the indicator will flashing a quick red and green light.

10. After the upgrade is finished, the app will show “Done”.