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Roav Bolt is like a tiny Google Home for your car.

Even better, it is a safer method for using your phone since it's hands-free.

And because cars can get pretty noisy -- especially with several passengers, windows down, and the tunes blaring -- the accessory packs noise cancelling tech to ensure Assistant hears your commands over the din.

The Google Assistant Optimized for Your Car

Stream music. Get directions. Make calls. All hands-free.
  • Navigation

    Just say “Ok Google” to activate the Google Assistant for hands-free help while driving. Want to stay focused on the road? Just follow the voice navigation to arrive safe, and sound.
  • Music Streaming

    Bolt + the Google Assistant is compatible with the following apps.
    Android: Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and Deezer.
    Not all music services are available on iOS. Bolt is not recommended for use with iPhones at this time.
  • Communication

    Staying focused on the road is priority one. That’s why Bolt is optimized for hands-free calling and messaging through the Google Assistant, so you can chat or text, just by talking naturally.
  • Manage Your Life

    Just say “Ok Google” to plan out your day, check the latest weather, add items to your shopping list, or even place an order on the road.
  • Manage Your Life

    What’s more, the Google Assistant also lets you set alerts and reminders, find a parking spot, or get answers to the endless questions your kids are firing from the backseat.

Small Size, Unbelievable Functionality

With Bolt, you can easily pair your smartphone with your car stereo through Bluetooth or Aux to enjoy a seamless experience with the Google Assistant. Engineered to pick up your voice even under noisy conditions, Bolt and the Google Assistant are always at your beck and call, even when your phone’s screen is locked.

As Easy As 1-2-3

To unleash the power of Roav Bolt,
follow these 3 easy steps to pair Bolt with your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth, and your car stereo.
For seamless setup, use our easy-to-follow video guides:
Android—Bluetooth   Android—AUX
iOS—Bluetooth   iOS—AUX
  • 1
    Plug Bolt into the cigarette lighter socket and start the car engine.
  • 2
    Connect Bolt with your phone via Bluetooth.
  • 3
    A popup from the Google Assistant app will appear after connection has been established. Follow the instructions to complete the setup.
  • 1
    Plug Bolt into the cigarette lighter socket and start the car engine.

  • 2
    Enable Bluetooth on your iPhone.
  • 3
    Install and open the Google Assistant app and tap the setup card to initiate the setup.

Simultaneous High-Speed

2 PowerIQ-equipped charging ports with VoltageBoost intelligently
detect and deliver the optimum charge to any device.

  • Dual Signal Processing Technology

    Your voice commands will be heard loud and clear with Bolt's unique technology that combines advanced on-device signal processing with machine learning based signal processing on Google Cloud.
  • High-Sensitivity MEMS Mics

    Dual mics assure Bolt perfectly captures your every word.
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation

    Any vocal sounds echoing around the small space of a car are ignored to ensure
    the Google Assistant clearly understands your commands.
  • From Deserts to Blizzards

    ROAV BOLT is engineered and tested to operate under extreme weather conditions, from -4° to 257°F.

Let's Compare!

Item Roav Bolt with the Google Assistant Phones with the Google Assistant
Compatibility Works even when your phone is locked. Limited functionality while phone is locked.
Voice Reception 2 far field MEMS microphones. Only feature near field microphones.
Wake up On standby at all times. Very low battery consumption. Limited functionality while phone is locked.
Noise Cancellation Uses exclusive Audio DSP for noise cancellation. No
Acoustic Echo Cancellation Yes No
Connection with Car Stereo Bluetooth and AUX. Bluetooth and AUX (depending on phone model).

Make Your Voice Heard

Just download the Google Assistant app, pair with Bolt
and make Google do it with just your voice.


Power Input
Cigarette Lighter Sockets 12V-24V
USB Output
24W, 5V-2.4A Max Per Port, Anker PowerIQ Technology
Voice Chip
Far-Field Voice Processor
Aux Output
3.5mm Jack (Best Performance)
2 × MEMS Microphones
1 × Physical Button (Push to Trigger GVA)
4 × RGB LEDs